Professional Insurance Advisor

Financial Professionals


Yorkshire Insurance Advisors, LLC believes it is in every client’s best interest to have a holistic financial plan created in order to best determine what their protection needs are not only today, but well into the future. We welcome partnering with financial advisors to assist in any area below, such as:

  1. Insurance product sales and education of fixed-only non-group products. We are able to work together with the client’s plan to determine the best fit for their needs and long-term financial plan. Product handled in house are:
  • Life
  • Disability
  • Annuities
  • Long-term Care
  • Life Settlements
  1. New client onboarding policy data gathering and summary
  2. Complete review of all current client insurances, handing life/disability/annuities/long-term care in house, and coordinating reviews via amazing local partners for other fields such as group insurance, home/auto/umbrella & commercial insurances. It’s our experience if it’s not coordinated, it’s rarely done. Clients most often find they increase their coverages to those recommended AND save money overall, leaving added funds to reallocate to another part of the plan.
  3. Comprehensive life insurance policy reviews. If a client has an old policy they aren’t sure it’s in their best interest to keep, we can help evaluate all the options and provide a report highlighting the best options. This is a required process for anyone looking to sell their policy via a life settlement (exceptions may apply).
  4. Assistance with long-term care planning. We can sit down with your client and help put together a long-term care plan to the point where we can put expenses to the plan with a recommended age for the event. This step is often skipped in the planning process and have learned from experience that the “average” event is not always what the client is planning on. Any insurance funding of a long-term care plan needs to coordinate with their wishes within the plan, matching benefit levels and benefit payout type (professional care only via reimbursement vs cash indemnity).
  5. Educational client seminars from any area of insurance and Social Security.

We also love to work with CPA’s on life policies their business and personal clients express that they no longer need and aren’t sure what to do with along with any other insurance needs that we handle. We always provide feedback on progress to our partners provided the client agrees to it.

Finally, we truly enjoy working with the estate planning attorneys to help fund various estate plans via life insurance. We have worked frequently with policies held within an ILIT and income-only trusts especially as family legacies, but can handle any life insurance funding need your clients may have.