Couples Insurance Advisor

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Couples & Families Insurance Planning

When working with a couple on their insurance planning, it is important to sit down with both spouses and determine what the goals are for the insurance first, then back into protection products that can meet those goals. We encourage open communication about what each would need if the other passed away, became disabled or needed long-term care, as they’re the ones that have to live with the benefit amount selected should something happen. We recognize this isn’t always an easy process between two individuals with different life experiences and values, but once decided and the plan is put in place, there is such a sense of relief they are protected.


When children are involved, there’s added discussion around how to protect them from the financial hardship of an early passing or disability…and a long-term care event if children may be forced to step in and provide care at any point in life. We help review what expenses you’d like to make sure are taken care of should something happen, and those you could live without if needed. Many have experienced a divorce and have some idea the emotional impact a sudden financial hardship/change can have on children (and parents), so we try to be sure all areas are reviewed to make an informed decision on benefit level.