Insurance Consulting Advisor

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Insurance Consulting

Yorkshire Insurance Advisors, LLC has incorporated consulting/coordination services in addition to product sales in these two areas since Lisa noticed there was a strong need for it as part of the education/insurance planning process:

Comprehensive Policy Reviews

Comprehensive policy review services are offered for a reasonable fee since we want to ensure that the review process is all about education of the coverages you have with alternative options, if applicable, not about getting a sale. You choose the areas/policies you’d like to have reviewed, and you again can implement recommendations with anyone you’d like. We have noticed over the years of doing comprehensive insurance reviews that the trusted agent you’ve had for 20 years is a wonderful individual, but often works for a company that can only offer you their products, which are often not in your best interest. Here at Yorkshire Insurance Advisors, LLC, Lisa Dregne is required to do what’s in your best interest as a fiduciary, and thus only works with independent brokers for any reviews provided outside our firm with absolutely no compensation in return. Although we can’t promise savings, it’s not uncommon for clients find premium savings from recommendations they choose to implement that far exceed the fee in just the first year, and enjoy ongoing savings for years to come.

Long-term Care Planning

Long-care care planning has become more and more important as baby boomers reach the age of needing care and we’re seeing few have had any long-term care planning done. Before we can make recommendations on what type of long-term care insurance may be a good fit for you (if at all), we need to know what your long-term care plan is. We offer the service of sitting down with you and determining what that plan looks like with enough detail that we can assign current-day expenses to it and determine what product option(s) would work best for your specific plan. This meeting typically takes between one and two hours and you receive a summary of the discussion to provide to your financial advisor to then determine if the options discussed are affordable long-term. This service is typically offered for a flat fee.