Long-term Care Educational Video Series

Video 1/9

Introduction to the 7-video education series on long-term care planning.


Video 2/9

In this video, we define what long-term care is and isn't, along with how a long-term care event differs from the care itself.

What is Long-term Care?

Video 3/9

In this video, I'll review the top 5 excuses I hear in my practice for not planning for a potential long-term care event. 

Top 5 Excuses

Video 4/9

In this video, I'll explore the multiple reasons one should plan for a potential long-term care event.

Why Should I Plan?

Video 7/9

In this video, I will address today's professional long-term care options that are often part of a long-term care plan.

Today's Long-term Care Options

Video 8/9

In this video, I'll address the unique benefits of funding your long-term care plan with long-term care insurance. There are so many non-financial reasons that need to be addressed.

Why Long-term Care Insurance?

Video 9/9

In this video, I'll address the next steps to getting started to creating your own custom long-term care plan.

Next Steps