Yorkshire Insurance Advisors, LLC

Lisa Dregne at her desk

Yorkshire Insurance Advisors, LLC was established by Lisa Dregne, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, as an independent insurance advisory firm offering insurance product sales and/or consulting services across all insurance types with a primary goal of getting to know our clients’ needs first, then providing education, and finally solutions if a client chooses. We serve individuals, couples & small businesses with a specialty in long-term care/longevity planning. Education is important to us since when you understand the option(s) available, you’ll be able to make educated decisions on what’s best for you without needing to be “sold” anything…which nobody likes.

At Yorkshire Insurance Advisors, LLC, it’s also important to us to provide a warm, no-pressure and educational environment for all our clients. As a female business owner who hasn’t always had positive insurance buying experiences in the past herself, we want to be sure women especially feel comfortable and empowered to make decisions on their insurance needs. We all have different reasons for purchasing insurance, each of which will be respected and incorporated into any recommendations provided.

Here at Yorkshire Insurance Advisors, LLC, we believe in a collaborative approach to insurance planning whenever possible. We are happy to work with your current financial advisor, other insurance agent(s), attorney or CPA to ensure everything works as seamless as possible within your overall financial & estate plans. If you need a referral for any of these professionals, please don’t hesitate to ask.