Your Full-Service Insurance Partner

& Long-term Care Planning Specialist!

Welcome to Yorkshire Insurance Advisors, LLC, we look forward to the opportunity to educate you on what we have to offer and how we're different from a typical insurance agent. You'll find our approach to be education and planning based, not "salesy" whatsoever. Our goal is that your family is protected in the most cost effective manner that first meets your goals and offers the invaluable support if something were to happen. We provide both sales and consulting services that you can read more about within our website, but overall our goal is to be your full-service insurance advisor whether we provide those services in house, or work with industry partners to ensure your plan is complete. We welcome working with your other insurance and financial professionals, as working in collaboration with them helps ensure your financial and estate plans are also protected.

We want to highlight the fact that our firm focuses on long-term care planning above all other areas, something our founder Lisa Dregne felt strongly about providing after years of heartbreaking stories previous clients would share when a loved one didn't plan for their care. We provide services that help put your long-term care plan together (if needed) before even talking about funding options that may include a long-term care insurance policy, since without a plan, there's no way to know what funding option would fit that plan.

We look forward to working with you!